A blood collection device for microsampling
with predefined blood volume

The novel Capitainer-B product is a four channel blood sampling
card that collects 13.5 microliter whole blood as dry blood spots,
each of four small cotton DBS paper pads

Questions and inquiries about Capitainer-B?

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FACTS Capitainer-B

Accurate sampling

– Defined volume
– Hematocrit independent

90% cost reduction compared to venous sampling

– Capillary self-sampling
– Simplified laboratory routines

Easy to use

– No venous sampling
– Simpler blood application compared to traditional DBS

Reduced environmental impact

– Less transportation
– Less material consumption

Dry sample storage

– No biohazard transport
– No cold chain required

  • Capitainer B is CE-marked and is being made available for the European market
  • Capitainer B is registered as an IVD product according to the 98/97EC In vitro Diagnostic Medical Device Directive.
  • Capitainer B is also registered with the US FDA as a Device Class 1



Capitainer is a blood collection device for microsampling with predefined blood volume.